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Holy Bible, New King James Version, NKJV, Pro VersionOld and New TestamentColor Highlight versesBookmark VersesShare versesMake NOTES on verses.No Advertisements(Ads)Updated Version is amazing.Holy Bible, New King James Version, NKJV is growing in popularity owing to its simple and easy to understand English.Get a free Holy Bible NKJV that works completely free offline that does not drain your mobile data bundles/broadband data.OVERVIEW:Enjoy using our New King James Version, NKJV Bible application that enables you bookmark, share, and also zoom in o zoom out font sizes. This holy bible application takes you away from the use of hard bible books and into the future where staying in holy communion/Christian family is not an option. BOOKMARKING AND SHARING:This NKJV bible is designed with ability to bookmark your favorite verses or even remember where you LAST stopped reading. Select verses you want to bookmark. Then click BOOK icon on the top left corner. Verses will be added to bookmark list. To delete bookmarked verses, swipe to the left of the verse.To share verses, just click SHARE icon after selecting verses.READING EASE:This NKJV bible has been designed to make reading easy. We have included FONT SIZE customization option that increases and reduces the text size of font respectively. Slide on the slider to your designed font size.You can go to screen and select "Keep Screen On" to avoid screen from going off.You can change contrast from day to "NIGHT MODE".No annoying or obtrusive advertisements.NAVIGATION:All the books of the holy bible, New King James Version Translation, NKJV, have been included. Select book, say Psalms, that you want to navigate to. Select the chapter you want to start reading from. All the verses in the chapter are loaded. After finishing reading the verses of a chapter, simply click on NEXT ARROW button at the near bottom right to go forward or bottom-left to go to the previous chapter.CONNECT:We appreciate your feedback so much. we would also like to connect with you on Twitter or Instagram. Tap on the TOP-LEFT side menu. Scroll to Connect category.Email: to send email, select email developer. You can send email under categories, comment/feedback, error reporting, or other.Twitter: to follow us on twitter, select "Follow on Twitter"Instagram: same, click "Follow on Instagram"PERMISSIONS:NKJV bible does not require special permissions. We DO NOT require any privacy-violating permissions for you to use our application. That is it.NO HIDDEN personal data or downloads done.KEY FEATURES:*works without any internet connection, NKJV offline*Has both Old and New Testament*Other translations available on click "More Applications"*Day and Night Mode*Custom notification delivery*Keep screen on*share bible verses*no personal data collected
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