Vedic Astrology Book App: PrashnMarg

Prasna Marga is a vedic astrological dissertation on "Astrology of Question", where the primary source of information is the "Natal chart of the Question" that a person poses to the astrologer. This method is very powerful and useful when dealing with situations of abstract nature. It also works well if the exact details about the birth of the native are not available.Another interesting aspect of this text is its very deep esoteric and occult nature. The theory of karma and astrology is very structurally elaborated in this book. The text contains descriptions of many obscure gods and karmic patterns associated. It also includes elements of balck magic and witchcraft. One entire chapter is dedicated to Dream Interpretation. #dreaminterpretationAll the ancient astrological theses in Hindu / Vedic astrology have their roots in the wise Parashra Brihat Parashra Hora Shashtra (BPHS). Since then, there have been a number of works presented by many great astrologers to deepen a deeper influence on these fundamental principles. Some of them have greater consistency than others, and Prasna Marga can be considered as one of the important books of Vedic astrology.Prasna Marga is the author of the 17th century of a Namboodiri Brahmin from Kerala in South India. Prasna Marga covers almost the entire range of subjects: Jataka or predictive astrology, muhurtha or elective astrology, parihara or corrective astrology and nimithas or the science of omens. He also elaborates on the karmic principle of astrology. It explains how some of the lesser-known charities and evil deities affect the events of a person's life, a subject that is largely absent in other works.ChaptersChapters IChapter 2: Procedure For The AstrologerChapter 3: THE ASTROLOGER'S DEPARTUREChapter 4: CONDUCTING THE PRASNAChapter 5: TIME OF QUERYChapter 6: THE FIVE SUTRASChapter 7: ASHTAMANGALAMChapter 8: EFFECTS OF ARUDHAChapter 9: RECAPITULATIONChapter 10: TIMING DEATHChapter 11: CAUSE OF DEATHChapter 12: Diseases and Their Cause .Chapter 13: BEGINNING AND ENDING OF DISEASESChapter 14: BhavasChapter 15: KarmaChapter 16: OthersCHAPTER 17: MarriageCHAPTER 18: ChildrenCHAPTER 19: Issues According to Birth HoroscopeCHAPTER 20: Seventh House According to Birth HoroscopeCHAPTER 21: Marriage CompatibilityCHAPTER 22 : Effects of TransitsCHAPTER 23: Diseases: Causes and RemediesCHAPTER 24: Questions bearing on Deities, Rulers etc.CHAPTER 25: RainfallCHAPTER 26: water sourceCHAPTER 27: Bhojana PrasnaCHAPTER 28: Suratha PrasnaCHAPTER 29: NashtaCHAPTER 30: Nashta JatakaCHAPTER 31: On DreamsCHAPTER 32: Ashtakavarga
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