"Pocket Wiki for GIRL" is a great and simple app. Made for discover the style world.See. Learn. Do.It is amazing! More than 100 features in one app.App features include:// Color Identifier //// Best Look Samples //// MAKE UP //-LIPSTICKâ?¢ Choose correct LipStick colour by your SkinTone: Fair, Medium,Tan, Deep;â?¢ LipSticks: different lipsticks,different colours just choose what you like.Lipstick: name, colour of lipstick.â?¢ Lipstick Rules for a Flawless Pout. Do It Right! Get Great View. You Can Do!-NAILâ?¢ Nail Polish and Colour Therapy for nails.Select right Nail Polish for your nails by your wear,mod,ceremony and etc.;â?¢ Nails Shape Tool: help to get proper nails shape for you.â?¢ Nail Varnishing Tool: help to you to make amazing nails look;Just do it with NailVarnishTool step by step;-EYEâ?¢ Great Arty Blossom Looks: Smoky,Natural,Fan Share and more...Rules and Shows how to make it properly.â?¢ Lashings of Liner : Flick,Classic,Glamorous,Sixties Mod and more...Shows how to make it properly.â?¢ Eye Types and EyeMakeUp for each type of eyes.Rules for proper MakeUp of Liners and Shadows;â?¢ EyeShadow Colours Tool for your eye ,depends of your eye colour;-FACEâ?¢ Highlight and Contour cheat sheet and rules. Showing how to makeup contour and highlight;â?¢ Face Shape Tool: help to get correct highlight & contour for your face by your face shape;â?¢ Blush Colour Tool: help to get correct blush colour by your SkinTone: Fair,Medium,Deep;-FACE BRUSHESâ?¢ Great MakeUpBrush Database: help to get correct brush for makeup;-HAIRâ?¢ HairStyle Tool: help to get amazing hair style according by your face shapes. What Hairstyle Suits Your Face Shape? You can find here.â?¢ Hair Colour Tool: hep to get right hair colour by your SkinTone.Type of hair colour, Colour Code and more...â?¢ Hair Brush Tool: choose correct brush for your hair.-SHELF LIFEâ?¢ Shelf life of beauty products. Just Select Your beauty product and know it's shelf life.// DIET //â?¢ Ideal Weight Calculator;â?¢ Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator;â?¢ Body Fat Percentage Test;â?¢ Minimum Calorie Per Day;â?¢ Are You Over Weight Test;â?¢ How Fast Can I Lose Weight;â?¢ Unit Converter;Eat Good. Feel Good.// SIZE CONVERTER //-WOMEN#Women's Clothes;#Women's Bars;#Women's Panties;#Women's Shoes;-MAN#Men's Jackets;#Men's Shirts;#Men's T-Shirts;#Men's Pants;#Men's Shoes;
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.