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New Guide for Drive AheadNew Drive Ahead GameBest Hint for Drive AheadNew Tips for Drive AheadBest Trick for Drive AheadNew Game for Drive AheadTop Drive Ahead is a complete guide 100% that you should win this game! Get new cheats , new tips , new walkthrough to make it easier to play. This guide to help you play as a professional, and a great impression! Enjoy!It's you against the computer - or a friend - in this wacky arena racing game! Drive Ahead! is a simple one touch game where the objective is to smash into your opponent's head! Pick from a variety of cars and duke it out in several different arenas that have their own tricks and traps! We'll help you smash the competition with our Drive Ahead! cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!Different cars perform differently in this game, especially due to the size of the cars in question. Your best bet is to use a longer vehicle, because you can rear up on your rear wheels, lift your front wheels off of the ground and then get an easy smash. This especially works on a shorter enemy.----------------This application is a guide for the Drive Ahead. Helpful information for both beginners and professionals, is an indication that you will find the best experience in the game. Note-This is not a game, this is only a guideline to enjoy the game.
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