God's holy words any moment for a blessed day!Woman Bible - Free offline app with many features and translations.App focused on the female audience. It was created to spread and facilitate the study of the Christian Bible, through biblical texts, audios and all the features it has.Our team believes that the holy word of God must reach everyone easily, quickly , clearly and freely in a shareable way.Access the Bible anytime and anywhere to have a blessed day. It is a light and friendly app.Resourses and FeaturesBiblical Themes and Themes for womanGeochurch and EventsImage sharing of the versesSearch, Favorite and NoteColor Assigning LabelsSharing VersiclesTwo translations on the same screenDevotionalsHymnaReading PlansBiblical DictionaryTravel Maps of the Apostle PaulComplete content to read psalms in the Old TestamentBook list of the holy word in alphabetic orderSupport for Android WearIncluded content to read psalmsRead verse of dayBiblical dictionary with more than 900 wordsOption to remove adsLanguage and VersionsMore than 75 translations of the holy bible in different languages to read the free bible.Among them:- NIV (New International Version 2011)- King James in English- Reina Valera in Spanish- Luther's Bible in German- the original Greek and Hebrew,- and many othersAudio versions for all translations, including NVI Live Audio in English, a dramatized audio performed by an Oscar-winning cast and current renowned pastorsDetails of the app- Reading plans: plan to read the entire Bible, thematic plans and custom plan.- Audios:audio for all translations, synched with the reading of the verses; Talkback compatibility for visual impaired people; NIV Live Audio (English).- Verses: resources to highlight the Holy Word; mark with colored labels; copy; notes; versicle speech; Widget (versicle of the day); sharing on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email, Bible WatchFac; one new versicle every minute on your Android Wear; image sharing of the verses.- Search: filter the search by book or by the New and Old Testament; multi-word and voice search.- Read the bible with comfort: define this bible free app interface and read the Holy Bible in more than 10 languages; adapt word size; activate nocturnal reading mode (black background with white text); lay-out for Tablet (HD).- Geochurch and Events: this feature will help you find churches and events close to you. You can also add events from your church.- Bible Themes> find verses according to biblical themes. There are more than 700 themes and themes for woman.It's all about making the bible accessible for you to follow your journey with Jesus.Acknowledgements:(*) Official Application = according to copyright, including authorized content.
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