Talking Bible

TALKING and LISTENING BIBLEThis software enables you to let your Android Smartphone or Tablet read Bible verses, chapters and books aloud.By speaking to your Android device you can also instruct "Bible Talk" which parts of the Bible to read aloud!Just press the microphone button and say what you are looking for. Bible Talk is also suitable for blind and visually impaired users.You can choose from no less than 5 different Bible versions:- King James Version, 1611.- American Standard Version, 1901.- Good News Bible, 1992.- Contemporary English Version, 1999.- World English Bible.It is also possible to find a passage in the Bible by typing its title.The format to find something in the Bible is as follows:- Book Name, Chapter number, Verse number, or- Book Name, Chapter number, Verse number to Verse number" (range of verses)Examples:- "Genesis".- "Lucas four".- "James Chapter Two".- "Mark Verse three".- "Exodus Chapter Four Verse three".- "Acts six verse one to six."- "Ecclesiastes Chapter Five Verse three to seven."The "Talking Bible" software provides five modes:1. Bible Search and Read mode.2. Bible index Old and New Testament.3. Bible version selection.4. Preference Settings.5. Read the User Guide.An extra feature is that you can ask Bible Talk some simple questions like:- "What is the [third] commandment".- "Who is the Pope".This feature will be expanded in future versions (free of charge to Bible Talk buyers).Finally it should be pointed out that this software has two display modes: plain text and the original webpage on the Bible website. You can toggle between both modes with the Arrow-Right and -Left buttons. The text (font) can be changed in size and colour.Notes:1. Please note that Bible Talk has the status of a talking and listening browser that accesses an excellent online Bible.2. We recommend that you install a better quality voice than the standard Google Pico voices.Good voices are available in the Google Play Store by companies like SVox, Acapela and Ivona.We hope you will enjoy the use of this software!DSH electronicsLeidschendamThe
Price USD 4.99
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Version 1.9
Operating System Android
System Requirements None