The Restricted Adventures of Raja: Book 2

++ Rated 5 stars by Educational App Store ++"This is a great app to add to a school's or parent's devices" - Educational App StoreThe second book and game in The Restricted Adventures of Raja series! This interactive graphic novel series teaches children important life skills while immersing them in a wonderful story of courage, compassion and empathy.The game, Be a Pet, challenges kids to make decisions as if they were a cat or dog in order to win a human companion!Will Raja solve the mystery of what is happening on Earth before it is too late? This series of stories follow the journey of Raja -- a warrior from a distant world -- who wants more than anything to save the people of Earth -- especially his new friends -- from lives marked by loneliness and anger. But he can't do it alone! When he travels through a portal to Earth, he becomes an Earth cat and needs a little help.The Restricted Adventures of Raja is part of the RedRover Readers Program and was developed to teach kids how to interpret the emotions of cats and dogs, as well as people -- a necessary skill for empathy development. The message of this story fits seamlessly into any teaching program and aligns to the U.S. Common Core standards as well as Social and Emotional Learning Core Competencies. Learning how to interact with dogs or cats is a fun way to help children understand animal behavior and develop the skills necessary for social awareness. RedRover is a national non-profit with a four-star Charity Navigator rating. Visit for more information.
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