Every person want to have best friend as a dog. So here, in our catalogue of pets, you will easy find dog for your choice and desire.No matter to be professional cynologist to make right breed.Just listen to your soul and heart! And we will help you do the best...Here, the part of examples that you will find inside:*** Most Popular Hypoallergenic Non-shedding Dog BreedsIt often happens that people want a dog, but they avoid adopting one because of the mess caused by the canine, which includes its fur shed at home and the pet owners being allergic to dog hair (dead skin). Well, if you happen to be in a similar situation, fret not, there are some dog breeds that are hypoallergenic, the dogs which will cause minimal allergies. The allergies are not actually caused by dog hair, but by dander which is the dead skin. The flaky dry skin (microscopic) that falls everywhere and is transmitted by air, is the cause of allergies in humans. Hence, prospective pet owners can opt for dogs that shed less.Given below is a list of non-shedding dog breeds:Airedale TerrierBasenjiBoston TerrierFox TerrierItalian GreyhoundShih TzuBichon FriseCairn TerrierPoodlesYorkshire Terrier*** Small Dogs That Bark Less and Make Cute and Quiet CompanionsThis line pretty much sums up everything there is to sharing your life with a pet dog. There is just so much awesomeness stuffed into that one furry, four-legged animal, that each moment spent with them only leaves us hankering for more.Now that you've landed at this page, it's kind of safe to assume that you're looking for a small dog , preferably one who'd live comfortably in an apartment. Another bonus would be if he comes from a breed that does not bark too much, and thereby reducing the chances of a conflict with the neighbors.You'd be glad to know that breeds like these do exist, and we're profiling them right here.*** The smallest dogs in the worldSmall dog breeds are simply adorable, their small size and those watery, puppy eyes are enough to melt hearts. But you should know, despite their size, some of these small canines can also provide security due to their alertness and watchful demeanor.Also known as toy dogs, small dogs love to be pampered, and are usually given first-class treatment by their owners. They are also very protective and loyal towards their master and family. There are many dogs that are classified under small breeds and each breed has its own negative and positive traits.According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world. The toy dog breeds according to the AKC are as follows:AffenpinscherBrussels GriffonCavalier King Charles SpanielChihuahuaChinese CrestedEnglish Toy SpanielHavaneseItalian GreyhoundJapanese ChinMalteseManchester TerrierMiniature PinscherPapillonPekingesePomeranianPoodlePugShih TzuSilky Toy TerrierToy Fox TerrierYorkshire TerrierDownload and try our small and very comfortable pocket helper with pet catalogue!
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