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Read gut wrenching, mind blowing, earth shattering chat stories. Choose from a collection of professionally written stories from sim, love, romance, horror, fiction, scary and mystery to many more genres. Don't be the one who is missing out on all the action. If you love to read books and always have a book in your backpack - you must tap on that download button and get this free app. For lovers of horror stories, this is a must have app. Chattales is free to download and use. If you would like to read all the text stories without waiting you can purchase subscription. Try it for free for 1 or 2 days and you will fall in love with the app. Once you are on it - get Sara, John, Mike and all your other friends on Chattales. If your friends love to read creepy stories, you must tell them. Like to yarn scary stories? Then you can write your own - become the next popular Chattales writer. Some great stories are derived from text and calls that happen on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Kik. Next time something interesting happens, make sure you take a snap of the conversation and upload it to Chattales. Some great ideas for stories can come from your instagram conversations that you have in group chats. If you are a tinder user, then make sure you add your funny and interesting texts you have with strangers - we are sure you have a couple of love stories you would like to share. Who knows, you might become the next popular writer of romance stories. The layout of the story writer is designed to make it easy for you to add lots of episodes. Make sure when you add an episode you choose a catchy episode poster picture. We read all the stories that you write, if your story gets lots of readers and they like it - we will feature it. Featured stories will get you lots of followers on Chattales and not to mention, tons of likes. Every single story is played as a text message conversation - it's experiencing the event first hand. You can also share the stories on Kik and Snapchat. If you would like to gain followers on those apps you can also add your social media handles on your profile, so, your readers can follow you. Make sure you keep your readers updated with what you are upto and when you will release the next exciting chat story. Amazing features and stories are added daily to get you hooked to Chattales app. Make sure you come back daily and be part of a growing community of Chattales surfers. The content is offered free for now, so don't wait and download now. Next time you are sitting on a subway with nothing to do - make sure you have spooky music and Chattales on your phone. Everyday we update the leaderboard which displays the top writers from yesterday. You can contact these users for help - they will guide you.
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