NEW ON ANDROID DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND. Last Seen Online is the first of its kind - a real time chat story told over 7 days. This fictional chat story allows you to read through the text messages of a missing girl and then start receiving real-time messages from her family and friends over 7 days as you discover what happened to her. The app replicates a chat messenger-style experience, meaning you can delve into relationships between different characters and understand how they fit into the story. As you're reading the messages you'll be transported into the midst of a thrilling and sometimes scary story that'll keep you gripped to your phone. On the face of it, may look like a gaming app. In substance, however, it's much closer to a traditional mystery novel. The story: Last night, Amy Morris was out with friends celebrating her 26th birthday. She never made it home. YOU have her access to her text messages. Read all her conversations she had before she went missing and start receiving REAL-TIME messages from her friends and family as they realise she never returned. Over 7 days you'll receive texts, audio messages, images and videos as you'll delve deep into the life of Amy Morris and experience a gripping story told like never before. What secrets lie within Amy's phone? What will you discover about her disappearance? If you love Black Mirror, Making a Murderer, Serial or just scary mystery novels and books, we know you'll love Last Seen Online. It's a book for the chatbot generation.
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