Who's Your Daddy map MCPE

Who's Your Daddy? - this is a mini-game for Minecraft Pocket Edition based on the popular computer game, which was played by several popular YouTube players, including PewDiePie. In this mini-game you will need at least 2 players. The one who will play the role of a child, and the one who will play the father who tries to do everything possible to save the life of his child. How to play? In order to start the game you will need as a minimum of 2 people: A child who will try to kill himself. (Yes, it sounds a little horrible) Dad, who will try to emulate the child away from danger. After you go into the house the game will start. Various traps are scattered outside and inside the house. Take for example this seemingly ordinary ladder. By the rules of the game at the beginning of the game you need to start the timer for 10-15 minutes. When the time has elapsed the game is over, and if the child remains alive, it means that the father has coped well with his task.
Operating System Android