World History Lists - MILITARY

Are you fascinated by military history? Do you admire the men and women who have fought for their countries? Do you love lists, trivia, facts and figures? If so, you will love this app. It is simply a collection of lists, articles and facts about the military, wars and weapons. There are no ads to distract. A few of the items included are: Arlington National CemeteryWomen Who Change the MilitaryGlossary of Military TermsMost Successful Military LeadersWorst Civil War GeneralsShooting Tips for Army MarksmenTop Battles of World War IICountries by Military ExpenditureMilitary spending as % of GDPRoman Army RanksUSAF Aviation GlossaryMovie Stars at WarObscure Wars You Might Not KnowThe Story of PT - 109Kennedy and the Cold WarMilitary Profile Erwin RommelU. S. Wars Ranked by Military DeathsSad Story of Private Eddie SlovikThe Day Canada Invaded IcelandThe Boer WarsThe Battle of MidtskogenMost Important Battles EverNever Invaded by the BritishThe 5 Bloodiest British BattlesThe Wreck of the White ShipOperation Sea LionFord's World War II Efforts. and much more. No WiFi needed.
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