Is geography in your DNA? Do you love history, culture, facts and lists? Can you visualize maps? Do you love learning about countries, rivers and mountains. Then you will love this app. It is simply a collection of articles, lists and stories about geography and the world. There is so much to read and enjoy. A few of the items included are: The Beauty of Bora BoraThe 7 Wonders of the WorldPlaces every American should seeThe Kerguelen IslandsTen Amazing English CastlesSeeing Slavery's History in AfricaTop 10 Ultimate Places to See WildlifeTop 10 Greek IslandsMost Beautiful Waterfalls in the World India Before the BritishMost Popular Destinations in IndiaBest Cities in South AmericaAmazing Medieval Walled CitiesUrban Areas by PopulationStates by Mean ElevationWorld's Deepest MinesLake Islands by AreaMarine Life FactsGreat CirclesMost Incredible Open-Pit MinesIsland of Aogashima, JapanMost Populous World Cities in 1800How Many Countries are There? World's Most Impressive Water BridgesAll lists and articles are stored on your device and will work with or without Wifi.
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