Do you love the Jewish Faith? Do you love its great culture, history and doctrine? Do you admire the great men and women who are proud Jews? If so, you will love this app. It is simply a collection of great lists, stories and articles about Jews and Judaism. This app has no distracting ads. A few of the items included are: Jews in Colonial AmericaHistory of JudaismUnited Monarchy of IsraelHolocaust. Got More ShockingFour Holy CitiesNumbers in JudaismWorks of Jewish FictionJewish Population in CountriesEscape From GermanyBerthold Beitz DiesThe End of 'Fiddler on the Roof"? The Three Branches of JudaismGlossary of JudaismKosher Restaurants In NYCNigeria's Igbo JewsPassover (Pesach) 101The Role of WomenThe Land of IsraelForgotten Jewish HistoryAvdat Historical SiteGush Etzion, IsraelEvents in Jewish HistoryThe CrusadesJewish History, 632 to 1650Most Beautiful SynagoguesJewish SurnamesOlam Ha-Ba: The Afterlife20th Century Jewish AuthorsKristallnacht. and many more. All information is stored on your device and does not require WiFi.
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