British Royal Family Lists

Do you love great history? Do you love facts, lists and trivia? Do you love British history? Do are you fascinated by everything Royal? If so, you'll love this App. It is simply a collection of great lists, stories, articles and facts about the British Royal Family. There is tons of information to read and enjoy. It's a Boy. William and Kate Present their new Prince. Was King Arthur Real? Richard the LionheartKing George III and the AmericansBurial LocationsKate Middleton BiographyWilliam the ConquerorBritish Colonies In EuropeQueen Victoria FactsBiography of Charles IIAncient and Tribal KingsBlood Mary TimelineThe Nine Day QueenList of Royal ConsortsList of English Speaking CountriesCharles II and the Great London FireWreck of the White ShipThe Archbishop of CanterburyAlfred the GreatBest Castles to VisitDeath of Queen Victorias Great - GrandsonThe Tudor RoseLongest Reigning Monarchs. and much much more Updates added frequently. more lists and articles added regularly. All lists and articles are stored on your device and will work with or without Wifi. Related Terms: Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, English History, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland,
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