This is the first app dedicated solely to focusing on Betta Fry. Many people download our Betta apps and successfully breed their Bettas. We then get questions on a continual basis about what to do next with the Fry. So, if you plan on breeding Bettas, then you should probably have this app. Now that you have successfully bred your adult Bettas, there's a ticking clock with a window of approximately 24-48 hours until the eggs hatch. You will need to have the Grow Out tank on standby and a batch of baby brine shrimp or Infusoria at the ready. Learn the proper way to care for and feed your newborn Bettas and how to prepare for their arrival. The app includes information on: The Bubble NestEggs HatchingFeeding the FryGrow Out TanksDetermining GenderJarring you BettasGrowth ChartHow to make a Shrimp HatcheryTo learn more about how to successfully breed your Bettas, download the 10 EASY STEPS TO BREEDING BETTAS PRO version.
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