Soldier's Devotional Field Kit

Now it's easier than ever to stay inspired with a unique and ultra practical compilation of devotional resources for soldiers and civilians alike. Elite Soldier's Devotional Field Kit includes the Marine Corps Devotional Field Book MCRP 6-12D and over 125 pages of prayers, devotions, quotes and inspiration for soldiers, civil service or anyone interested in the military arts. To keep in the spirit, this devotional field kit also includes 20 minutes of background sounds for prayer and meditation - no Wi-Fi needed, all sounds and content are on your device so take it anywhere and maintain your keen devotion. Bonus: exclusive eBook - From Soldiers of the Past - an inspirational collection of prayers meditations and reflections from yesteryear, Circa 1850 - 1920. You'll get unique insight to the spiritual perspectives of soldiers of the past and learn about the role of spirituality in modern warfare. Soldier's Devotional Field Kit includes: Marine Corps Devotional Field Book MCRP 6-12D - complete and unabridged. Prayers and Thanksgivings - from the Book of Common Prayer. Bonus eBook: From Soldiers of the Past - Prayers and Meditations circa 1850 -1920. Background Sounds for Prayer and Meditation - 20 minutes of Natural soundscapes that will help you relax and focus. Seamless Loop or shuffle on your audio player. 12 Chill-Tone ringtones and easygoing alert sounds. Includes a link to more free sounds from Epic Sounds and FX. No Wi-fi needed - all content and sounds are on your device. No ads, no spam, just solid inspiration for less than a cup of coffee. Stay inspired for less than the cost of a cup of tea; get the With the Soldier's Devotional Field Kit.
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