All the Team Associated "essential" paper content included in the box for the RC10B6D has been sized to fit mobile and tablet screens. You'll have plenty of resources at hand if you need to fix the buggy, tune it, or understand how things work. You'll be able to show it to friends who want to know more about the B6D. To view RC10B6D Essentials, you won't need a network or wi-fi connection. the content is all onboard. With a network or wi-fi connection, links to see extra information will take you out of the app to view pages on the Team Associated website. The Instruction Manual has been sized to fit your small screen. Standard show/hide navigation makes it a breeze to look up each section of the vehicle. Slide-open buttons reveal individual parts used in the exploded drawing for easy connection to the website for order or lookup. The Setups section allows you to save unlimited setups. Show/hide sections make it easy to navigate. Robust Share functionality allows you to share the content in a variety of ways to your friends. For instance, in Android, you can share via Gmail, compatible notes app, Memo, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, Copy to clipboard, Save to Google Drive, Messages, Facebook, Dropbox, Android Beam to another Android device, Convert to PDF, Google+, OneDrive. wherever accounts have been set up. Features: B6 and B6D Differences, Specifications, and Parts RequiredManual with links to online parts pagesParts list with link to online parts pagesSetup sheet for unlimited setups, with share functionalityTips to set up your buggy for maximum performanceFactory Team B6D Spotlight entries to set up your buggy like the winnersManual has been redesigned to fit on the screen. no pinching/zooming needed.
Operating System Android