Strong's Bible in Portuguese

You have on hand the Bible Strong in Portuguese, with the Hebrew and Greek lexicon to understand the terms of the Holy Scriptures in the original meaning. You will marvel as you study the biblical terms in their original context, expanding your knowledge and receive deep revelations, facilitating the development of the message, or devotional Bible studies. The Bible in Portuguese Strong has: Dictionary Lexicon Hebrew, Greek and Portuguese - Original Meaning with only 01 Touch - Sharing Biblical Texts on social networks, sms messages, etc.Translation of the original term with accent colors - Based on Translation King James - Visual Modern Inspired by the Holy Scriptures - Night mode - to read the nice way texts - Option Copy biblical texts, terms and meanings to the clipboard of your Smartphone or Tablet device by entering the text into another application you want - Save the last book and open chapter - Make advanced searches in the Holy Scriptures by words or exact phrases (using quotation marks) - Store your favorite verses and notes - Recommended for students of Theology, Church Leaders (Apostles, Pastors, Bishops, priests, Fathers, Priests etc), Bible study groups, teachers and lovers of the Holy Scriptures. Invest in the search for knowledge and secrets of the Holy Scriptures, to strengthen their relationship with God and with one another, leaving no mistaking heresies and words out of context; learn through the original terms as have a healthy spiritual life, according to the Word of God. "My people are destroyed, because you lack the knowledge. " - Book of Hosea 4: 6 # # # # # # WATCH OUT # # # # # #- Wait for the installation to the end, to application environment preparation. How requires no download additional data, not shut down the application while not start Screen.
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