Personality Types - Mind Map

Are you an ESFJ? An ENTJ? An INTP? This Mind Map can help you determine your Personality Type as developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katherine Cook BriggsThis Mind Map provides you with an outline of the 4 pairs of personality types: Extravert - Introvert Sensing - iNtuition Thinking - Feeling Judging - Perceiving Everyone will have a 'preference' of one of the pairs over the other. Once you have identified your own and others' personality types, you can begin to understand why some people get along famously, and others clash. This is a great tool for appreciating peoples' differences and diversity and this Mind Map will get you started in developing your understanding of those differences. You will have: All the key facts on a single page. A Mind Map that helps you appreciate peoples' differences. A great introduction to the Personality Types developed by Isabel Myers and Katherine BriggsYOU CAN SEE THE FULL SUITE OF OVER 30 MIND MAPS, PLUS VARIOUS SETS AT LOWER PRICES AT: id=John+RIf you haven't used mind maps before, they are very easy to read. Simply work outwards from the centre along the branches and sub-branches and read each key word or phrase as it grows out from the previous one. This means that as you read the branches growing from the centre towards the left hand side of the page, you will read from right to left, rather than left to right. You can navigate the map simply by enlarging, moving and scrolling around it. The key facts about each topic will be literally 'at your fingertips' - and all on a single screen.
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