Colt Model 1911 A1 explained

From the Model 1911 to the Model 1911 A1Further refinement of the Model 1911 A1National Match Pistols in caliber. 45 ACPCommercial production of the Model 1911 A1War production of the Model 1911 A1Post War changes until the 1960sChanges of the 1970sColt Government in caliber. 38 SuperColt "Commander"Colt "Gold Cup National Match" in caliber. 45 ACPColt "AMU" and kits in caliber. 38 Special &. 45 ACPColt "Gold Cup National Match" in caliber. 38 SpecialColt Government field strippingColt Government advanced dismounting - 1Colt Government advanced dismounting - 2Colt Government advanced dismounting - 3Operation of the Colt GovernmentThumb safety and 1911 A1 firing cycleSince the year 2000, "" is specialized in the publication of downloadable technical textbooks on collectable firearms.
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