Symbols of Freemasonry Vol. VI

Symbols and Traditions Included: 1. ABADDON2. THE AMERICAN RITE3. THE ANGELIC MALACHIM ALPHABET4. THE ASSASSINS OF THE THIRD DEGREE5. AMUN6. THE ANAGRAM7. ANIMAL SYMBOLISM8. ANIMA MUNDI9. THE ANNOINTING10. ANTEDILUVIAN FREEMASONRY11. THE ANTIQUITY OF FREEMASONRY12. THE ANCIENT AND PRIMITIVE RITE OF FREEMASONRY13. ANUBIS OR ANEPU14. APHANISM15. APIS16. FREEMASONRY OF THE APOCALYPSE17. ENTERED APPRENTICE18. LUCIUS APULEIUS19. THE ABBEY OF ARBROATH20. THE ARCANA". there are few men who have the means, the time, and the inclination for the purchase of numerous books, some of them costly and difficult to be obtained, and for the close and attentive reading of them which is necessary to master any given subject. It was this thought that, years ago, suggested to me the task of collecting materials for a work which would furnish every Freemason who might consult its pages the means of acquiring a knowledge of all matters connected with the science, the philosophy, and the history of his Order. "[Note: The source material for this app came from a public domain book entitled, An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and its Kindred Sciences, by Albert C. Mackey. ]In L. V. X.
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