Nelly and Tayle: Book One

Nelly & Tayle: Book OneThe secret of the winged sneakersIn the first story of the "Nelly & Tayle" series, Nelly, a little girl with love for adventure and a big heart, goes to the country at grandma Mary's house, along with her tiny pet friend Tayle, a fluffy tarsius. There, in the attic, full of web cobs, the two of them will discover - with the help of Mrs. Batula the bat and her husband, Mr. Scott the spider - an old chest. Inside that chest she will find a precious gift waiting for her. A gift left by grandpa Miltiades the pilot, to help her always do the right thing. ISBN 978-618-82224-0-3Story: Christina AndreouIllustration: Maria BachaOriginal music: Stathis AndreouVoice acting for the English language: Monica McShaneVoice acting for the Greek language: Annie DoumouziBilingual: English/Greek. System Requirements: Android 4. 0 or later. Screensize normal or bigger (not small) Best viewed on 4: 3 screens. 1 GB RAM. IMPORTANT. Please read before purchase. By downloading this app you agree with the Terms of Use as they are presented in our website Get informed about our privacy policy by visiting our site.
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