Daily Bible Inspirations

This Bible app is amazing. It sends me a reminder every day. It really is helping me rededicate my life to Christ. Get inspirational, uplifting Bible verses - complete with stunning photos - delivered to your Android device daily. No Internet needed. FREE. Install the totally FREE app that's packed with: Powerful verses curated by an ordained pastor. Beautiful images that will lift your spirit. Easy social sharing from inside the app. Simple daily scheduling, so you can get your daily bread any time of dayAvailable in English, with Spanish, Korean and Chinese translations. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=. 1000s of tweets and Facebook posts daily. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=This is the perfect app for you if you are a busy parent, a grandparent, a new Christian, a student. or anyone that wants to reconnect with God on a daily basis but may not always have time for daily devotions. All verses are personally curated by an ordained pastor with a PhD in Theology. (So they're never pulled from a cold, impersonal database by a computer. ) =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Here's what people all over the WORLD are saying about how Daily Bible Inspirations is IMPROVING their day-to-day lives: "What a great way to start your day. Set the reminder time for right after you wake up every morning and read it before you get out of bed. It makes you think about how the verse applies to your life and reminds you to pray. Enjoy." Ladywedgewood, USA"It makes my day worth living for. It inspires me and boosts my daily spiritual needs." Yurivince, USA"Great way to access scripture throughout the day." Cherub515, AUSTRALIA"Great app daily inspiration gets me through the day - love sharing the word." Tinka2010, UNITED KINGDOM"Daily reminders to read and helping to always keep God in your mind and to remember to live out His will. Great interface and wonderful scripture selections with beautiful background pictures." Bawz433, USA"Very lovely. Nice to be able to flip back through verses, which I like to do at night while settling my baby son to sleep." Micholine, AUSTRALIA"Really good app every days words is a blessing to my day and to others that I share it with." Leerika, UNITED KINGDOM"Excellent app, we need more of these kind of apps the pictures are stunning and the verses are uplifting." Natamil, CANADA=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=SPIRITUAL FULFILLMENT DELIVERED DAILY. Set your own delivery time. SHARE verses via Twitter, Facebook, SMS + email. Full-color, high-quality backgrounds. Mix of Old and New Testament. King James Version or WEB. Translations: Spanish, Korean, Chinese. No Internet connection requiredDeveloped with love in the United States by a pastor and his two sons. See more at http://dailybible. co.
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