Hymns from the Seventh-day Adventist church hymnal with all 695 songs (Lyrics and MIDIs. This hymnal comes with a widget that allows you to play and listen to all the midi files on your home screen.Also provides you with Sabbath Times and reminders for your location.- Lyrics to all of the 695 hymns- Midis to all of the 695 hymns- Lyrics to the Old Hymnal- Topical Index- Search hymn- By Number,- By Title- By Words- Sabbath Times and Reminders- Major Key Notes- Save your favorite hymns to Favorites- Play hymns from the favorites section- Control audio from the notification area- Edit the words- Add comments to your favorite Hymns- No Ads, very clean and super user-friendly.Credit- All midi files provided by Maurice JohnPublished in 1985 by Review and Herald Publishing Association
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