Seventh Day Adventist Hymnal with all 695 songs (Lyrics and MIDIs. This hymnal comes with a widget that allows you to play and listen to all the midi files on your home screen. Also provides you with Sabbath Times and reminders for your location. Lyrics to all of the 695 hymns. Midis to all of the 695 hymns. Lyrics to the Old Hymnal. Topical Index. SDAH widget that plays midis. Search hymn - By Number, - By Title - By Words. Sabbath Times and Reminders. Major Key Notes. Save your favourite hymns to Favourites. Play hymns from the favourites section. Control audio from the notification area. Edit the words. Add comments to your favourite Hymns. No Ads, very clean and super user-friendly. Credit- All midi files provided by Maurice JohnPublished in 1985 by Review and Herald Publishing Association.
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