The Army Infantry Guide is a resource for all infantrymen to learn the culture of the profession and brush up on basic skills. This is not a dry text or a rehash of. pdf manuals. This is distilled need to know stuff mixed in with some good Army humor so you don't get too bored while studying. Pull out this app whenever the Army makes you hurry up and wait. Content includes: 19 sketches of classic tactics Infantry Mission Set MOS and Skill Set List Movement Formations Hand & Arm Signals Rage Comics Order of St. Maurice Urbane Dictionary (35 Entries) 18 US Weapons 14 Threat Weapons Other content distilled from various sources include: METT-TC, OCOKA, GOTWA, Composite Risk Management, 5 PARA OPORD, Principles of Training, Troop Leading Procedures, 9 Line UXO Report, 9 Line MEDEVAC, 8 Step Training Model, MDMP, Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Function of an M16, and others.
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