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Because, not many people who can play a musical instrument of this size is big enough as most people who are already adept at playing the guitar. So the piano into an instrument whose class is quite high. Judging from the shape of its body, people who see the piano is usually directly inferior because the keys are much so impressed complicated and very difficult to play. They do not know which one to push. Well for that I want to share some tips to you a very easy way to play the piano so that you at least have an idea on how to play the piano. Playing Piano Do Mi Sol System is usual in my own way and not the artist as a basis in order to play the piano to be enjoyed sounding song. If people learn to play the guitar, usually at first they memorize key signature forms. Actually, the keys can be memorized. But it is better if we know where the key was formed. A key harmonization (chord) is formed from a combination of tone to the 1st, 3rd, and 5th. We check out a ladder tones in an octave consists of a C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C. So if we want to play the key of C, the tone should we press is C-E-G (tone to the 1st, 3rd, 5th). Whether it is pressed together or take turns (arpeggio). Similarly, for example, want to play the key of G, then that should be suppressed is tone G-B-D. Actually there are many more explanations, for example how to establish accord 7th, inversion, etc. But I think with the system Do-Mi-Sol had been enough to equip the basic playing the piano, was able to play a song. My principle in music, should not get too dizzy with theory, will only make you tired and bored eventually ga learning. Which is important to sing the songs, because the more often you play the songs the theories of music it will automatically find. Well now we go into fingering / fingering her. Need to know really, fingers you use to punch the piano keys are thumb-middle finger-pinkie. Whether it should be? Kan we can use the index finger, ring finger, love-love. could not be so. Sure it can, but to play a piano system of Do-Mi-Sol are comfortable and do not miss-miss, hand must also use the Do-Mi-Sol (thumb-middle finger-pinkie). It also has to be fingering general rule anyway. Then usually we are confused, the pianist was playing piano right-handed and left. Then the task of each hand is what? The left hand is in charge of pressing the root / bass or chordnya songs. In this case means that duty squeeze ''Do-Mi-Sol'' is a task that is literally left hand. While the right hand melody duties is pressing keys at random. Melodies that can be shaped like a melody, vocal tone or melody voice to ordinary music. The next question is how to adjust the left-hand chord melody with your right hand? The easiest way is to look at where the last notes fell pressed by the right hand when the song had to change the chord. For example, when the right-hand melody tone falls on tone sol or G. Then we detection system with Do-Mi-Sol chord whatever is his tone that G chord C (CEG), Em chord (EGB), and chrod G (GBD). Actually if we are lazy to look for where the actual chord among the three chord chord it all can be just used, tetep been able to enter the tone stayed ngasal one. But if you want better sound lost interest, you can choose one that best fits. Usually initially unfamiliar with chord which sounds ideal, but with time they will be commonplace and can cepet in determining a suitable chord. Well now you already know the most basic techniques and easy to play piano. Now you can practice the theory in a song. You can open the Advanced page here to listen tutorial easy to apply this theory in a song.
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