A unique view of Cuba's timeless landscapes and cityscapes, never before photographed from the air. The bestselling author of Unseen Lithuania and other aerial photography guides covering Belize, Cancun and the Yucatan, Lithuanian aerial photographer and publisher Marius Jovaisa invites you on an unprecedented photographic journey that captures the breathtaking vistas of Cuba as never seen before. As the first artist to receive permission from the Cuban government to fly over the country and photograph it, he brings you extraordinary panoramas taken from an ultralight aircraft. Jovaisa canvasses the island, from the fertile valleys of Pinar del Rio in the west to the historic city of Baracoa in the east, where Columbus landed. Explore ancient villages, idyllic beaches, cities frozen in time and picturesque La Habana. Celebrate the tropical exuberance, bucolic charm and natural grandeur that characterize the largest island of the Caribbean's Greater Antilles. Discover Unseen Cuba. (c) Marius Jovaisa, 2015 (c) UNSEEN PICTURES, 2015Publisher: UNSEEN PICTURES.
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