Enhance Your Horse's Performance. Prevent Injury. Save Money on Vet Bills. Stretch Your Horse is a video-based mobile app designed to teach riders, veterinarians, farriers, trainers, and horse lovers all over the world how to safely and effectively stretch their horse anytime, anywhere even if there is no cell service or internet connection. "The videos put scientific, practical, easy to follow information directly into the hands of horse owners all over the world to help them keep their horse healthy, sound and performing to the best of their ability regardless of their riding discipline or experience level, " stated Dr. Jack Root, DVM, owner of Oakhurst Equine Veterinary Services and Grindstone, 1996 Kentucky Derby winner. Key App Features and Information. 25 individual instructional videos to choose from, most costing $1. 99. No internet connection or cell service required after initial download. Videos reside on phone. Videos can be replayed as many times as desired right at the horse's side to ensure the stretch is done safely and effectively so the horse gets maximum benefit from the stretch. All stretches are performed from the ground. Great for all levels of riders in all disciplines and non-riders too. No data charges incurred after initial download. Recommend downloading on wi-fi to avoid using phone data plan. Videos are compressed but quality not compromised per user testing. Files sizes range from approximately 25MB to 100MB which is only a tiny fraction of a GB. App is $2. 99 and comes with Introduction to Horse Stretching and Successful Treat Stretching Tips videos. Cost effective because rider only downloads the specific videos their horse needs. Android 4. 2 and higher supported What are the Benefits of Horse Stretching? Horses are athletes regardless of whether the horse competes in an English or Western discipline or is ridden on relaxing trail rides or in an arena. Just like human athletes, a horse's muscles can become tight, stiff, sore, strained or even develop tears. Stretching a horse's muscles is an important part of maintaining his or her overall health and fitness as well as an important component of successful injury rehabilitation in many situations. The benefits obtained by safely and effectively stretching a horse's muscles are: Improve flexibility and range of motion (ROM) thereby enabling the horse to perform to the best of their ability. Prevent injury by strengthening supportive tissue and helping to guard against muscle tightness and tendon shortening. Reduce post-exercise soreness, stiffness and muscle fatigue. Improve disposition by relaxing the horse. Provide early warning signs of a potential injury. Helps the rider bond with their horseHow It Works: 3 Easy StepsStep 1: Download the Stretch Your Horse AppStep 2: Browse the Stretch Your Horse Video Library. Choose the specific videos your horse needs. Look at reviews and ratings for each video prior to making a purchase. Step 3: Pay for the videos at checkout via your Google Wallet account, and download them to your smartphone. VOILA. Start viewing the videos and stretching your horse anytime, anywhere. Questions? Contact us at Support@StretchYourHorse.com or visit www.StretchYourHorse.com.
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