Gospel Bible Genesis version version 2.061. For the Old Testament and the New Testament's, many different language books to read2. Control the Bible global language translation, freedom to choose the main language and reference languageCurrently supported languages Download: Traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese. English -King James VersionEnglish -Bible in Basic EnglishJapanese. (text in preparation) Korean. (text in preparation) 3. to provide each language version of the Bible to read and record reading progress, to follow or not to display preferences4. You can choose to read the Bible at day mode or night mode5. Bible bookmark function, adding content to bookmark your favorite Bible6. Instant, text and voice search the desired contents of the Bible7. Gospel Bible FB Fan Group, fans can be linked to wtach related information8. User manual of the Gospel BibleGospel Bible User Manual -Bookmark ManualReading RecordTwo Language ModeSearch Function.
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