Future Interests Made Simple

This app is a MUST for any 1L law student studying Estates, Future Interests, and the Rule Against Perpetuities. Are you at all confused with these concepts? Do you need more practice problems (with explanations)? This app provides step-by-step instructions to guide even the most confused student through the seeming maze of doctrines and rules. Drawings and diagrams, along with multiple examples and explanations, clarify each concept. Mnemonic devices enable mastery of foreign terminology. An easy-to-navigate App Map makes every topic and page instantly accessible. Sixty practice problems provide detailed explanations with each answer, and are grouped according to difficulty level. This app was created by Professor Ned Snow. Professor Snow is a Professor of Law at the University of South Carolina and a graduate of Harvard Law School. He has taught future interests for nine years in his Property and Estates & Trusts classes.
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