The ultimate dog breed guide, all in the palm of your hand. Do you want to know more about dogs? Looking for a dog that best fits in your family? NATURE MOBILE introduces - iKnow Dogs 2 PRO - an ideal guide to the most popular dog breeds. Finally you have the direct option to identify different breeds without a book. You get a comprehensive library full of facts, figures and images. Find the perfect dog for you and your family. Or find the biggest, friendliest, most energetic, or any other dog that you like. "Bo" Obama, "Tinkerbell" Hilton, "Blondie" Hitler, "Butkus" Stallone, or "Koni" Putin; Scooby Doo, Pablo Picasso and many others are refrenced, too. CONTENT. 190 breeds (all akc) - 1900 images. Description of each breed. Breed names in 30 languages. Scientific identification. Quiz gameSEARCH AND IDENTIFY DOGS BY. APPEARANCE- weight, height, ears, coat, etc. TEMPERAMENT- playfulness, friendliness, etc. PURPOSE- sporting, herding, toy, etc. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN- England, Germany, USA, etc. QUIZ GAME. Guess breeds from pictures. Learn to distinguish different breedsNATURE MOBILE on YouTube: NATURE MOBILEThe mission of NATURE MOBILE is to present exciting topics from nature and other areas to a wide audience of interested people, enthusiasts, and experts in an attractive way. You are an author or photographer, you have fascinating ideas or content, please contact us at support@naturemobile. org. CHECK OUT MORE APPS BY NATURE MOBILEGroups: sheepdogs, cattle dogs, pinschers, schnauzers, molossoids, swiss mountain dogs, terriers, dachshunds, spitz, primitive types, scenthounds, pointers, setters, retrievers, flushing dogs, water dogs, companion dogs, toy dogs, sighthoundsBreeds: german shepherd, labrador retriever, golden retriever, dachshund, boxer, poodle, rottweiler, great dane, pointer german shorthaired, miniature schnauzer, beagle, cavalier king charles spaniel, shetland sheepdog, chihuahua, small munsterlander, bernese mountain dog, doberman pinscher, yorkshire terrier, havanese, west highland white terrier, rhodesian ridgeback, weimaraner, border collie, pug, australian shepherd, siberian husky, french bulldog, pointer german wirehaired, boston terrier, spaniel english cocker, airedale terrier, maltese, pomeranian, newfoundland, shih tzu, spaniel english springer, whippet, hovawart, dalmatian, papillon, vizsla, belgian malinois, cairn terrier, mastiff, saint bernard, giant schnauzer, irish wolfhound, bichon frise, akita, bulldog, parson russell terrier, russell terrier, staffordshire bull terrier, old english sheepdog, alaskan malamute, bearded collie, bull terrier, chow chow, briard, setter gordon, american staffordshire terrier, bloodhound, etc.
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