THE GREEK NEW TESTAMENTThe Greek New Testament app is a Bible Study app that gives you a modern critical edition of the Greek New Testament, the Society of Biblical Literature Greek New Testament (SBLGNT), for free. This Greek New Testament reader app comes with: beautiful display (SBL Greek font, accents, breathing marks, and iota subscripts) -easy navigation-complex search capabilities-the critical apparatus of the SBLGNT-complete morphology with parsing and lemmatization (. available for in-app purchase.) This app is great for seminary and university students, pastors, or anyone else wanting to use and/or improve their Biblical Greek. THE GREEK TEXTThe SBLGNT, edited by Michael W. Holmes and published jointly by the Society of Biblical Literature and Logos Bible Software, is a modern critical edition of the Greek New Testament, based primarily on four previous editions of the Greek text of the New Testament: Wescott-Hort, Tregelles, NIV, and Robinson-Pierpont. The text of the SBLGNT differs from the Nestle-Aland/United Bible Societies text in more than 540 variation units. ATTRACTIVE DISPLAYThe Greek text of the Greek New Testament app is beautiful and easy-to-read in the SBL Greek font. The text is displayed with all of the appropriate accents, breathing marks, and iota subscripts, as well as the paragraphing and layout of the printed edition. You are free to adjust the size of the text, the left/right margins and the line-spacing for more comfortable reading. QUICK NAVIGATIONYou can find any passage quickly by selecting the desired book, chapter and verse. SIMPLE AND COMPLEX SEARCHESYou can easily conduct one-word searches without typing any Greek, or you can use our elegant, yet powerful, search syntax to gain more control over the search, searching for virtually any combination of Greek words. With the addition of the Greek morphology (in-app purchase), you can search by lemma (dictionary form) instead of the surface form of the text. CRITICAL APPARATUSYou can see the variants from the critical apparatus of the SBLGNT simply by touching the text-critical symbols. MORPHOLOGY. AVAILABLE FOR IN-APP PURCHASE. You can touch any word in the text to see the lemma and parsing information for that Greek word. This is a great Bible study tool for those wanting to read the New Testament in Greek or brush up on their Greek skills.
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