Photos are the static representation of a moment that matters. Videos are the moment, fully captivating with sound and movement. The IE Live powered by Live Portrait app is something in between. They're the normal photos you hire a professional photographer to take and print, but they come alive with an embedded video clip that will always be there when you feel like remembering the moment. In today's digital smartphone world, if the photo is important enough to hire a professional for, the video clip, which we call 'the story behind the picture' is equally important. Photographers: Take IE Live powered by Live Portraits at the same time you're taking photos using your existing equipment and current operating workflow. Every photo you take can become a Live Portrait. IE Live powered by Live Portraits are only viewable by customers who purchase your photos. Our subscription based pricing model gives you control of the initial sale and future subscription income. How the App Works: The app works by using IE Live powered by Live Portraits customized blend of Augmented Reality and Image Recognition called Portrait Recognition. Our software analyzes the printed image by creating a mathematical model based on shapes, lines, proportions, colors and other elements. It then matches the model against images already in Live Portrait's database. When a match is found what you see is what looks like a 3D, mapped digital video playing on top of a print. living in the physical world. Please note that our app scanner ONLY works with professional photographer pictures that have IE Live Powered by Live Portrait videos enabled. How to try the app: 1. Download our free app scanner2. Visit www.liveportrait.com3. Scan the sample image on our homepage using our app and see the photo come to lifeRequirements to use the app: IE LIive powered by Live Portrait works with rear facing camera Apple devices that use iOS 7 or above. Also, IE Live powered by Live Portrait work best with a strong internet or Wi-Fi connection.
Operating System Android