BryteWave is a digital textbook and study tool all in one. BryteWave Reader is a FREE APP designed to access your digital textbooks. Get better organized for assignments and preparing for tests. Now, studying can occur anytime, anywhere with online and offline access to your digital textbooks on your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and desktop. FEATURES & BENEFITS. Download and easily access your BryteWave Digital Textbooks - study anytime, anywhere. Access digital books via computer, mobile app or mobile web browsers. Cloud-based reader allows book access from multiple computers or mobile. Access to multiple publishers all from one device. Online and offline access - download your books and read them - even without the internet. Easily organize your textbooks with BryteWave's powerful search, sorting and bookmarking tools. User-friendly interfaceREQUIREMENTSMobile Phone or Tablet - for seamless access, both online and offlineSign in or create an account in the AppHOW TO PURCHASE A BRYTEWAVE DIGITAL TEXTBOOKTo purchase a BryteWave digital textbook, go to the BryteWave website, your campus bookstore, or your campus bookstore's website.
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