Suicide Prevention Help Squads

How much do you understand about suicidal condition? Do you have any idea how many suicidal people are they? answer: There are so many people around you, and at least every person will meet more than one suicidal acquaintance in their lifetime. The symptom and indications are rarely can be seen. Even, if you see one, you have to be careful to act. Because they're so fragile and really need to be understood. That's why you have to learn more about saving them. Although extra care is needed, it's a duty to help. Do you have any friend/ people you love who is suicidal? You know what? it's your duty to help. As a good friend, understanding their problem is one thing that you should do. So, at least when you have to face such kind of this situation, you should have learnt about it. If you have a fellow/friend who is suicidal, this apps could really be a life safer. Guard them, suicide problems are everybody's bussiness. Everybody is responsible for making a better world for them. Suicidal person are so fragile and depressed. They have a strong need to be understood and helped. We provide tips to make a better understanding about the condition. The app also contain help plan/ planning, treatment, and how to prevent the accident. This apps include the best quotations about suicide, and also quotation from famous people.
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