CleverDic Crossword Solver Pro

Solve crosswords, find anagrams, decipher bad handwriting and boost your vocabulary. FEATURES. No Ads. No In App Purchases. No Permissions. Massive built-in list of 285, 000 words. Look up word definitions on the internet. Powerful crossword and anagram searches. Simple and quick to useCROSSWORDSFind those last few pesky crossword clues, enter the letters you have to find the words that fit, touch a word to look up its meaning on your browser. Read the many reviews below to see this is the only crossword helper you need. ANAGRAMSBuilt in anagram solver with seven different search types to help with those sneaky cryptic crossword clues. A great companion for puzzles such as Wordwheel and Codeword. TWO WORD ANAGRAMSFor fun try searching for 'manchester united' or 'george bush' to get hilarious results. Enter your name or your friends and share the results with them.
Operating System Android