Cooking is always a pleasure, and Murali the host of Oggarane Dabbi ensures that he gets this message across to all the fans of one the most entertaining reality cooking shows in Indian television. Oggarane Dabbi as a show is stepping into its fourth year and to mark this milestone the Oggarane Dabbi team launched this cutting-edge app with hundreds of authentic Oggarane Dabbi recipes for its loyal fans across the world. This app contains recipes to prepare the dishes you have seen on the Oggarane Dabbi shows. Over 800 episodes of the show featured innumerable guests from all walks of society including celebrities, preparing dishes that are either vegetarian or non-vegetarian and not to forget scrumptious sweets. Murali and Suchitra from the Oggarane Dabbi team wants you to experience firsthand the pleasure of cooking using simple and easily available ingredients in your kitchen. The User Interface of the Oggarane Dabbi app has been made to be highly interactive and easy to use with convenient navigation options to help people who are not tech savvy to view their favourite recipes. This app currently features a Vegetarian Special Cook Book filled with 100 recipes and covers the preparation of rice dishes, sweets, chutneys and much, much more. What more can you ask for? Murali wants to hear the sizzle of the spices, to smell the aroma of fresh curries and wants to see the smiles on the faces of the fans of Oggarane Dabbi after trying out the dishes mentioned in the app. It's your turn to see, prepare and eat - as Murali always says on Oggarane Dabbi. Happy cooking.
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