NC General Statutes Education

A must have for any attorney who needs the law at their fingertips. Your quick reference for the North Carolina General Statutes and Education law. This package contains Chapter 115C (Elementary and Secondary Education. ), Chapter 116 (Higher Education. ), Chapter 116C (Continuum of Education Programs. ), and Chapter 116D (Higher Education Bonds. ). All the sections are in this app, so you do not need internet access. That makes this app great for use in the court room or General Assembly. This app will also allow you to update the database. Updates are available as often as monthly, but actual updates may be less frequent if the legislature has not changed any laws. Updates have to be manually triggered. This has been done so the app will not try to process updates when you really just want to look up a statute. Long press on any Chapter, Article, or Section title to see the full title in a popup. Long press on the full text of any section to copy the text of that section to your clipboard. Email to report bugs or suggest changes.
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