Tropical Fish Guide Pocket Ed.

The award-winning premium pocket reference for tropical fish and aquatic plants. It includes detailed care sheets, facts, biological data and compatibility information for hundreds of freshwater fish and plants. Suitable for all ages and experience levels. Our extensive encyclopaedia of home aquarium fish and aquatic plants has been built from years of research and consultations, it's our pride and joy. FEATURES: Huge A-Z list of tropical fish and plants, each with its own image and data. Contains hundreds of highly detailed profiles, with a searchable index covering over 2000 common names. Search or browse by name or by combinations of specific criteria or properties. Comprehensive glossary of terms and definitions. Mini-articles for fish keepers. Directly compare profiles side-by-side. Calculation tools for various heating, lighting and volume requirements. Interactive forum, user polls & voting. Per profile note-taking facility. Cloud backup & restore for notes, favourites & settings. Free database updates. Please Note: This app covers freshwater aquarium fish only, it does not include saltwater or marine fish. Language is English only. We support our apps. If you run in to a problem, please drop us an email and we will work with you directly to resolve any issues, or alternatively, visit our website at where we have support articles and FAQ's.
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