Chislavek is a universal numerological mobile app, which contains calculations of seventy three thousands and fifty karmic psychomatrixes for each date of birth in the period from 1900 till 2100 of Julian calendar AC. Each psychomatrix is a variety of individual karmic programs, set of private features, parameters and characteristics of person's peculiarities, which are calculated strictly in accordance with unique Pythagoras's numerological system and usage of calculation methods of karmic square and numbers of Kabbalah. Chislavek can be used as a life guide, for oneself, to determine the true reason of this or that problem, to develop oneself, one's body and spirit. Also Chislavek app strongly develops intelligence and intuition, changes one's perception in general, gives energy. Mobile App Founder - Ivan ChernyshovDeveloper - Ilya Serebryakov.
Operating System Android