Pencil Drawing Beginner's Guide Pro

If you have the burning desire to become an ace pencil drawing artists then you are lucky to be reading this, this app is really made for you! Not every budding artist gets the support from the experts in pencil drawing art. If you have been held down for some or the other reason from realizing your dream to become a pencil drawing artists then here's your chance to break free of the restrains and give life to your talent. An Authoritative Guide to Pencil Drawing:I bring forth for you an extensive and well crafted app Pencil Drawing - The Beginner's guide, which covers every aspect and details of pencil drawing. You will feel like you are being trained by a real master. Every little characteristic about the art is covered elusively to offer you an authoritative guide on pencil drawing.Now, you needn't rack you brains in different websites that claim to teach you the art of pencil drawing. Bring all your confusions to an end. You no more need to refer different mediums offering training on pencil drawing. I have collected everything that you need to know and must know in order to become an expert pencil drawing artist.This is the fruit of my results. I know there are lots and lots of people like them worldwide who have the hidden passion for pencil drawing but are unable to realize their dreams due to several constraints like time, unavailability of a good guide etc. I aspire to reach out to al of them and through my app offer them a simple way to turn their dreams to reality.What does the app contain...?Highlights of 'Pencil Drawing - The Beginner's guide'Learn the basics from the experts and you can never go wrong. Yes! The app gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of pencil drawing from the masters of the art. Many people feel unlucky to not have a guide to teach the fundamentals of the art. Keeping their requirements in mind, I have included every minute detail about the art and woven them into this app called 'Pencil Drawing - The Beginner's guide' The highlights of the art are as follows: Advantages and Disadvantages of Pencil Drawing Brief history of pencil drawing - Famous artists and their works Tips on choosing the right kind and quality of materials and tools Detailed basics of pencil drawing Perspectives in pencil drawing Finishing touches in pencil drawing Mixed media applications (How to be creative with color pencils) Using pencils in oil paintingIncluding a complete audio ebook and amazing videos for practicing.Enjoy the app and feel free to contact us, we appreciate your comments!
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