All Birds Sweden - A Complete Field Guide to the Official List of Bird Species Recorded in Sweden

***This app describes all the 555 bird species which have been recorded in Sweden in detail, incl. irregular visitors, with 2321 premium photos in HD-quality and more than 800 bird songs. You can map birds with GPS, make your own lists and explore 5 search modes after 2 years of development we are proud to present this ultimate birding app.***All Birds Sweden - A Complete Field Guide to the Official List of Bird Species Recorded in SwedenBird watching in Sweden? This exceptional app includes all species which have been listed by the Swedish Rarities Committee. It has been developed by passionate field ornithologists and published ecologists.To quickly find a bird you are looking for, species can be sorted in several ways: A-Z bird names - choose between 19 (!) languages:Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Latin (scientific), Latvian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, and Swedish) By groups (gallery view or foldable list) Irregular visitors can be faded-in or -outA simple identification key narrows the species down (e.g. by foot colour, bill shape, length of tail etc.) leading to the bird searched for and a choice of similar species. You can also look for fragments of a species name through a search screen the search for finch, e.g., shows all the species which include the word finch in the species name.Despite the abundance of species provided: in order to precisely identify a bird no previous knowledge or ornithological expert skills are required.Of decisive help here are the qualitatively high-class large-scale images which show all bird species in their natural environment and, amongst others, originate from renowned photographers of the wildlife agency SUNBIRD IMAGES. The pictures have been chosen from thousands in order to allow the most reliable identification of the birds. The choice of photos is essential for identification: Bird pictures which only show the bird from front, like it is the case for many of the sloppily developed apps on the market, are of little use for birders.This app provides extensive texts and data for each bird species with information to:Appearance, ecology, population size, frequency, habitat and much more. The texts for this app have especially been written for Sweden. This, amongst others, holds for population size, abundance, breeding status, local distribution etc.Special features: Includes all 555 species recorded in Sweden Detailed distribution maps Irregular visitors are marked in red and can be faded-in or -out Extensive descriptions to every species with 25 sub-features each! 2321 well selected photographs, all in HD quality (1024 x 678 Pixels) Photos to each species, including female as well as summer and winter plumage for nearly every species All images labeled Sort and display species: A-Z, 19 different languages, taxonomic Egg photos of 70 % of all Swedish species 878 bird songs and calls (75 % of all Swedish species) Spectrograms of all songs Create sighting lists and sort by place, date, group, name Via GPS automatically plots all spots on a map of Sweden, which can be edited Make notes for each bird spotted Simple identification keys Search for Latin or common name (or part of name) through search screen ***A graphically well-designed layout easy to use with large lettering.*** All Birds Sweden is very well suited for keeping personalised bird watch lists.The development of this app took 2 years. It will be continuously developed further. In the future, more photos and songs as well as new identification features will be added constantly.All updates are free of charge. Once downloaded no internet connection needed just download the app and start birding!Visit our internet support site for more information. We are happy, if you like our app. In any case, please don't hesitate to email:
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