The United States Cybersecurity Magazine is published quarterly to raise thelevel of awareness of the ever-increasing amount of Cyber attacks takingplace in the United States of America and how to defend against this Cybercrime through information provided here-in.Our purpose is to raise the level of awareness of this cyber battlefield weare engaged in and to bring up-to-date information to the foreground andpublish solutions and strategies to combat these cold-calloused, evil,relentless cyber terrorists and cyber criminals. They are our enemies. Thecyber terrorists are sitting in the Middle East with a laptop sending andshowing videos through social media of our United States citizens beingdecapitated, executed and tortured. We must stop them and their socialmedia. There is no alternative.Cyber criminals are stealing and selling corporate information ---fromcorporate secrets to social security numbers. Cybercriminals are becomingmore and more sophisticated. The United States citizens identities areexploited. From IRS scams to purchasing items in our names; the criminals arenow you on paper. Bank accounts continue to be hacked. Children continuebeing exploited and kidnapped through social media. We must continue tobattle this Cyber warfare. We must continue to develop solutions to beproactive and stop the criminals dead in their tracks.The United States Cybersecurity Magazine takes our shared responsibilityseriously. We collaborate with academia institutions, Cybercrime fightingadvertisers, Cybersecurity professionals and experts in the private sectorand government who write and submit articles. In the past year our staffhas been in small towns and big cities attending summits, conferences,breakfast series and meeting our citizens who have shared with each other thevalue of the United States Cybersecurity Magazine.The United States Cybersecurity Magazine continues to be distributed inschools, universities, community colleges and on military installations. Wehave subscribers that range from Network Technicians to Military OperationsResearch & Systems Analysts.Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. Join us. Read. Protect. Share.Subscribe. Contact our Advertising department to place your display ads.Visit our website at to subscribe to thishighly informative solutions-oriented magazine.The Cybersecurity industry A voice of its own; hence, the United StatesCybersecurity Magazine.May God Bless America.Content rating: Everyone
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