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Browse, search and study the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) with Tanach Bible, the ideal study tool for the Hebrew and English Bible. Tanach Bible features crisp Hebrew text with precise placement of Hebrew vowels and cantillation marks, and verse-by-verse synchronization between Hebrew, English, and Rashi. s commentary. Eight text sizes allow for comfortable viewing on all devicesThe Judaica Press English translation of Rashi on Tanach is available as an in-app purchase. This translation includes many added explanatory notes and references to expand your understanding of both Rashi's commentary and the Tanach. You can now study Rashi in two easy-to-view parallel columns of Hebrew and English. Tanach Bible is available for all Android versions. For users with devices running Android 4. 2 or later, an entirely new user interface with many enhancements has been added. The new user interface includes more text views, a cursor for native editing in the search box, new icons, an improved help section with a table of contents and quick start guide, and more flexible navigation within the app. Tanach Bible includes the Hebrew text and English translation of: Torah - Five Books of Moses. Nevi'im - Prophets. Ketuvim - Writings. Hebrew text of Rashi on the entire TanachGreat Features. Easy navigation to all books of the Bible. Long press on any chapter number to go directly to any chapter/verse. Option to view Chumash by weekly and special Torah readings. Haftarah readings are associated with Torah readings. View Rashi and Hebrew text in parallel columns. View English or Hebrew text in flowing passage or in verse-by-verse display. View Hebrew and English text in parallel columns with Rashi text below. View Hebrew and English text in parallel columns. View Rashi commentary in regular Hebrew or 'Rashi script'. Bookmark verses. Sort bookmarks by most recent or by book. Full text search in Hebrew. Full text search in English. Copy or share on social media on a verse or range of verses. Choice of English or Hebrew user interface. Add a note to a verse, search and sort notes (Android 4. 2 and later only) For users running Android 4. 2 or later, Tanach Bible uses native Android keyboards to support Hebrew text input for search and notes. Enable Hebrew for your keyboard through the Android Settings, or install a Hebrew keyboard from Google Play. For users running earlier versions of Android, Tanach Bible requires no special Hebrew support. It's built into the app. Tanach Bible is a joint project of ZigZag, Inc. and Davka Corporation.
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