Embroidery Stitch Tool, Vol. 1

The Judith Baker Montano Embroidery Stitch App, Vol. 1 for beginners is packed with over 60 basic embroidery stitches such as the backstitch, chain stitch, satin stitch and the lazy daisy. Youll also learn 10 combination stitches, along with handy tips for choosing needles, tools and fabrics for your embellishing projects.Over 20 minutes of video showcasing Judith's expert techniques. You'll be a master embroiderer in no time!! Note: The video content included in this app will download once you install and open the app for the first time. Due to the high-quality video, the file size of the videos are approximately 180MB, which can take a while to download depending on your internet speed.Stitches Included (left and right handed):Algerian Eye StitchArrowhead StitchBackstitchBackstitch Star StitchBosnian StitchBullion StitchButtonhole StitchButtonhole closedButtonhole Stitch KnottedCable StitchChain StitchChain Stitch CableChain Stitch Detached and TwistedChain Stitch MagicChain Stitch TwistedChain Stitch WhippedChain Stitch ZigzagChevron StitchColonial KnotCoral StitchCoral Stitch ZigzagCouching StitchCretan StitchCross StitchCross Stitch St. GeorgeCrown StitchErmine StitchEyelet FlowerFeather StitchFeather Stitch chainedFeather Stitch ClosedFern Leaf StitchFly StitchFly Stitch CircleFly Stitch Dandelion Seed PodFrench KnotGranitoHead Of The Bull StitchHerringbone StitchHolbein StitchLazy Daisy StitchLazy Daisy Stitch DoubleMaidenhair StitchOpen Square StitchPalestrina Knot SquaredPistil StitchRunning StitchRunning Stitch LacedSatin StitchSeed StitchSplit StitchStem StitchStraight StitchWheat Ear Stitch Detached10 Combination Stitches Included:Pyramid Buttonhole+French Knot + Lazy Daisy + Straight StitchChain Stitch+Straight Stitch+French KnotCretan Stitch+Lazy Daisy+French KnotLazy Daisy+Colonial Knot+Stem StitchLazy Daisy with long catch stitch+French Knot+Straight StitchPistil Stitch+Colonial Knot+Straight StitchHerringbone+Straight Stitch+Lazy Daisy+French KnotLazy Daisy+French KnotLong & Short Lazy Diasy+Stem Stitch+Pistil Stitch+French KnotStraight Stitch+Lazy Daisy+Colonial KnotVideos Included:Chevron Stitch VideoColonial Knot VideoCretan Stitch VideoFeather Stitch VideoFly Stitch VideoFrench Knot VideoHerringbone Stitch VideoLazy Daisy Stitch VideoRunning Stitch VideoTete de Boeuf Stitch VideoJudith Baker Montano is an accomplished fiber artist, teacher and author. As her work continues to evolve, crazy quilting always appears in her new designsshe has turned it into a contemporary art form.Keywords:Crazy, Embellish, Embroidery, Kindle, Montano, Quilt, Quilting, Ribbon, Sew, Sewing, Silk, Stitch, Stitches, Thread, VookContent rating: Everyone
File Size183 MB
Operating System Android 2.2 Android Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7
System RequirementsCompatible with Android 2.2 and above.