Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts LOVE skits! As a scout leader they will be looking to you to show them how it is done, so take a deep breath and get ready to let your hair down...There are roughly 400 skits in this application. To give you an idea how many skits that really is, if you never used another source and had a campfire with 5 skits in it at every campout on every month of every year, it would take you more than 6 and a half years to exhaust the references in this application!I have divided this application into six sections. Five of them are alphabetical and the last one is shorts, walk-ons, and run-ons. In future versions I intend to have a search by keyword (such as "funny" or "gross" or "Fast Paced" and search by title such as "Waiter Waiter" or ""Ugliest Man"option.Content rating: Low Maturity
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