A fun and cheerfull song can help keep a Boy Scout outing or a hike on track. An active Cub Scout song, especially one with hand motions or body gestures keeps boys interested at a big pack meeting. Songs are great entertainment in the outdoors since, if you are doing it right, there are very few electronic gadjets around. Just like a camp fire is the camper's TV, campfire songs are the camper's radio. Make sure your Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts have lots of opportunity to learn and use a variety of songs in your scouting program.End a day of hiking, swimming, canoeing or exploring with a bright, cheerful campfire and don't forget the camp songs. Fair warning, boys tend to be shy to start singing, but with leaders willing to go first and start things, they enjoy loud, silly, sometimnes gross, energetic songs especially at night when its darker and they feel a little anonymous. Have your leaders learn a couple new ones and try them out on the scouts. When new boys join a troop, ask them if they have a favorite cub scout song or two and maybe they can share it with the troop. This Application has more than 300 songs in nine categories from Action and Silly songs to more solemn and patriotic. Even if you use 4 or 5 songs per campfire and your camp with your boys 12 times a year, this application will last for years and years to come.Download it today!Recent changes:We have added a newsletter signup to all our applications. Sign up today and take advantage of new applications the day they arrive on the market as well as discounts, freebies and other goodies!Content rating: Low Maturity
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