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THE MOST POPULAR PROMOTION STUDY GUIDE APP ON THAT OTHER STORE IS NOW HERE! There are a number of Army study guides in use today; some being around for years while others being the popular online study guides. So why use this study guide? It's simple: This study guide was built using's rock-solid M-Training System. spent a great deal of time developing its M-Training System, and it shows. Here are the benefits: (a) Ease-of-Use. Do you find your blood pressure rising using some apps? So do we. You can end your frustrations now. We spent nearly as much time thinking about the user experience as we did actual development. (b) Superior Feedback. All of your study and test progress can be viewed at a mere glance. (c) Self-grading. You can actually grade yourself! It didn't make sense to us to ask questions without providing an ability to self-grade and track progress. (d) Reliability. You expect the software you buy to work well. So do we. (f) Comprehensive. This study guide includes all of the common and not so commonly asked questions from all the common Army promotion board topics-over 40 subject areas in question/ answer/ flashcard format. BOTTOM LINE: Even though most study guides ask essentially the same questions. (They have to! The Army regulations, field manuals, pamphlets, history, and customs referenced are all the same.) They are not all created equal in terms of delivery, ease-of-use, providing feedback, and truly preparing you for the board. is not affiliated with the US Army. We simply support soldiers every way we can. NOTE: This is not a pdf reader, e-book, or mobile website app. It is a full-featured training application powered by's M-Training System - the most advanced training system available for mobile devices. The M-Training System provides robust "professional grade" features and reliability while also providing a simple and intuitive user experience.DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: If you are having problems with this app, please contact us at This app WILL RUN ON ANY DEVICE the Market allows it to be installed on. There are many other factors that can affect this app such as available memory, how many apps are running in the background, or even use of task killing apps. All we ask is that you give us a chance to identify your problem.keywords: army promotion board study guide soldier of the month nco of the month sgt morales audi murphyRecent changes:Enabled the ability to move app to external storage.Verified app runs perfectly on Samsung Galaxy S phone. Suspect one of the app reviews indicating otherwise is bogus. There is no app version in the review title. This usually means the app wasn't even installed. Typical competitor gimmick.Content rating: Everyone
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