Constitution of India

The complete Constitution of India presented in a readable and searchable format. Divided concisely into Parts, Chapters, Sub-Sections and containing the full unedited text of all the Articles. Also Contains 95 Amendments (till date), 12 Schedules and all Central Parliamentary Acts (Net). Everything is Searchable. Scroll through articles by Volume Keys. Current Path is always displayed on the top. A MUST HAVE for every Indian. and others alike. This is the only app containing the Constitution of India. Full, unedited Article Content of all the 394 Articles. Divided into Parts, Sections, Sub-Sections and Article Lists. Searchable (Search Key). Display's Current Path in every Screen and in every Article so that you know where you are. 95 Amendments and their complete contents available. 12 Schedules from the constitution. Search in Constitution or Central Parliament Acts.
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